Protective Eyewear

Eyewear is not only for fashion, but primarily, for protection! We do sports, shooting and other activities that are often done outside. To protect our eyes, it is recommendable to use eyewear protection.

Keep in mind that having the right eyewear is like having the right gear!

Well, what should we choose when looking for the right eyewear? First is the consider the lightning and weather condition. What are your lighting conditions going to be like, as well as the weather conditions going to be like? Classically, often used is the one with the shield. They protect the side with the polycarbonate material. The presence of protective lenses often made with polycarbonate materials is what makes the protective eyewear special and different from any other daily sunglasses. Polycarbonate material is a nearly shatterproof material that. It is very durable. They usually come with UV block so even the clear lenses are going to protect your eyes from UV rays as well as from anti-scratch coating.

These excellent eyewear protections are interchangeable glasses.

To assemble, align the pins with the notched opening. Then, push the pins in the opening and rotate the open into the open position. To disassemble, begin with the frame in the closed position and rotate downward until the attachment releases.

Best eyewear protection has this parts equipped with it.

  1. It is shatterproof, UV protection and safe for impact resistance.
  2. Nose pad. Consisted of soft TPR material for impact, cushioning and comfort.
  3. Flexible sport-wrap temples, with holes for attaching strap and with rubber accents for comfort and grip.
  4. Great for helmet sports. It has an adjustable band, non-slip texture and shaped ear cutout.
  5. Temple window. Allows airflow, prevent fog and gives peripheral vision.

There are many options in color and style that you can have as you wish.