Glass Etching Craft

Etch your glass! You know, this kind of process is a different crafting process from those crafting that you may be familiar with. By the way, what is glass etching?

Glass etching, basically, is a fogging technique. It is not like painting that you just paint around the surface of the glass. In fact, what you are really doing is that you are changing the surface of the glass. It eats away the top layer because you will change the texture and the look of the glass.

A well-known method for etching glass is the sandblast method. In this method, you will need tools such as stencils or stickers, tape, and of course, contact paper the pattern that you desired to put on your glass.

                                             An Etched Office Glass

First, cut out the stencil and transfer to glass. After stencil is positioned (position it especially on the curve part of the glass), mask around the edges. Rub the stencil gently on the glass and remove it after a while. Apply adhesive and peel out the area to be sandblasted. Sandblast the peeled off area then coat it with dilute acid cream. Afterwards, rinse the piece of glass with excess water and peel off the adhesive under running water as well. Clear off tracing marks made in the first step and grind off the edges to make them blunt.

A lot of times, etching glass is used on windows for privacy. We can see them on hotel rooms as well but we can use the same technique on items in our home. You can use this process for a lot of different reasons. But basically, to achieve a really unique, creative and artistic look. On top of that, glass etching is an easy project and very, very inexpensive.